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Board MeetingKansas State Committee (Presidents)GAVEL

The State Committee is made up of chapter presidents who vote according to the wishes of their chapter, and who make policy by which the state organization will operate.
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                                            Area 1 

Konza Kamper SamsKonza Kampers Sams                          Jan 2021 newsletter
John Drach, Manhattan, KS                                             July 2021 newsletter

Oregon Trail SamsOregon Trail Sams                  Jan 2020 newsletter                          
Ed Lueb, Seneca, KS                              Update 5-12-2020  Aug 2020 newsletter

Republican Valley Sams
Gerald Ricketts, Clay Center KS                     785-944-3598

                                           Area 2 

Cowboy SamsCowboy Sams                   Jan 2021 newsletter
Kay Hulse, Great Bend, KS                      July 2019 newsletter  

 Fort Larned SamsFort Larned Sams                 July 2019 newsletter 
Alice Tatman, Macksville, KS                620-348-2376/620-377-7026

Heartland SamsHeartland Sams                                    Jan 2021 newsletter
Linda Walton, Russell, KS                                              Aug 2020 newsletter

Salina Sams                                         Jan 2021 newsletter  
Darrell Genereux, Concordia, KS                                Jan 2020 newsletter

Serendipity SamsSerendipity Sams                             Jan 2020 newsletter 
Harry Field,  Hutchinson, KS                                      Aug 2020 newsletter

                                          Area 3 

Meadow Larks Good SamsMeadowlark Sams               Jan 2020 newsletter 
Janet Gibson, Cherryvale, KS                      

Neosho Valley Sams                         
Richard Mullinax, Parsons, KS

Sunflower Sams                    Jan 2021 newsletter     Aug 2020 newsletter                       
Lloyd Hoobler, Lawrence, KS         web site:

                                          Area 4 

Cherokee StrippersCherokee Strippers                   Jan 2021 newsletter 
Gary Crabtree, Winfield, KS                                Aug 2020 newsletter

Conestoga Campers Good SamsConestoga Sams                         Jan 2018 newsletter  
Woody Bird,  Wichita KS

Mid-Kansas Sams
Clyde Jones,  Wichita, KS

Ninnescah Good SamsNinnescah Good Sams                 Jan 2021 newsletter 
Susan Grimes, Wichita, KS                                     Aug 2020 newsletter

Sonic Sams                                                         Jan 2021 newsletter
Jean Boyd,  Augusta, KS                                       Jan 2020 newsletter

Wichita Good SamsWichita Good Sams             Jan 2021 newsletter
George Ground, Andover, KS
                             Jan 2019 newsletter

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