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 Directors Letter


Thought for the Month:

"Make failure your teacher, not your undertaker (Zig Zigler)"

 Well this one will probably be short. I wrote two articles for the State Newsletter to be published in August. I hope the presidents submitted something to David. Suggestions if you have not. Favorite camping sites for your chapter; a revised camping schedule.
                   In the state newsletter there will be a preventive Maintenance article. And a new sponsor. Wichita RV
. They have agreed to provide the article and important to me they will be sponsoring our rally in 2021. That will help fill the gap that Good Sam Club Corporate has provided for us. They are: They will no longer provide money to each state to use to purchase prizes for you. And they will no longer provide insurance rider for our rally. So thank you Wichita RV.
                   I have a meeting with an insurance group out of Hutchinson in August at their Wichita Office to see what kind of prices and coverage I can get for our rally and staff.

                         A reminder: It is in the state newsletter but here it is again.  This is the year we HAVE to elect a State Treasurer
.  Please let your chapter members know.  If any would like to do the job, they need to be nominated and the nomination sent to Cathy Beverage,
c.beverage@sbcglobal.net our State Secretary. This needs to be done ASAP.
                        Another position will be available. The State Director's job
. IF anyone has an interest in that, a nomination is required. Send the nominations to Pat Nippert, State Treasurer. Sheila
& I will do only two years as director .
                  Another reminder: 2021Rally:

                  DATES (September 26-29 Early Bird) through October 3
                  LOCATION: Kansas State Fair Grounds

                  Sunflower Splash (The 2020 theme, since we didn't get to use it.)

We have added some new activities at the rally. These activities were requested by members so we have include them.
                 For the committee members (Chapter Presidents).  Mark this date on your calendar: June 12, 2021 .  That is when we will have our Staff/Committee meeting.   Plenty of advance notice. More information will be sent next year 2021, location, time etc.
            The virus is still around so please be careful where you go. Stay away from large groups but when you go out, the smart thing is to wear a mask. I just came home from taking a free COVID 19 test.
            The state committee will be approv
ing or denying a new Membership category.  Honorary Member.  I'm excited about t his. It's   for members that cannot camp anymore but want to stay with the chapter. 

BE safe and stay healthy, 

We (State Directors) have our monthly ZOOM Meeting with Marcus coming up in August. Maybe I will have more information to pass on to you.


Bill & Sheila Tucker
State Directors, Kansas Good Sam

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