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 Directors Letter


Click it for Tucker's update 5-2-2020

Thought for the Month:
"Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well"

        I am sending my state monthly newsletter out early because I am going to attempt explain what has gone on in Good Sam Life, where we are with our Governor’s Executive orders and how all these orders affect us as a club.

       The Good Sam Club Corporate Office put out an order that ALL GOOD SAM ACTIVITIES ARE TO BE CANCELED. That included our monthly meetings and any camping we have scheduled, no matter when the camping or Rally was to take place. They also put in pause any elections of State Directors and other elected positions that any state had coming up.
       They have been sent many question by most of the State Directors, one in particular "Is this the end of Good Sam Club? To my knowledge, they have not answered that directly. We (The State Directors) have been promised over a month ago that corporate was compiling all the questions and we would get their answers on everyone of them. Did not say when.
       How does this affect our rally? I should be finding out soon. I mailed corporate two requests for support. One was for support in purchasing door prizes. The second one was for support for the rally that the director could use to offset expenses of putting on the rally. And that includes insurance coverage for the rally. IF they refuse to support us, then the Committee Meeting becomes VERY important to have and attend.
       My opinion doesn’t amount to much, but it is free. IF your chapter schedules a campout or meeting, you do it as private group not as a club of Good Sam. So, right now, we cannot have any meetings or Campouts as Good Sam Club.

       The State of Kansas
position. This one is easy and everyone should know what it is. There is an executive order by the governor that no one in Kansas is to travel and all non-essential businesses are closed until May 3rd. She will either begin opening up Kansas or extend the "Stay Home" executive order.
       How does this affect us as a state organization or a Chapter event?
       Right know, we do not meet or camp as a group of more than 10 people. If she does not extend her order, A Camping We May Go, but as individual group or individuals.
       So if the governor releases us, the decision as to camping becomes each individual decision & Chapter President as to what and how they want to proceed with camping together.
       The fairgrounds office and buildings are closed for now. They tell me that they are planning on having the State Fair as scheduled (September), so the fairgrounds should be available to us in October.  
       That is all I have to offer you. It will be easy to know what the Governor is going to do. It is a crap shoot to figure out what Good Sam Club Corporate will be doing?
       I have not canceled the Rally. I am doing all the work on it as though it will happen. The same with the Committee & Staff meeting. It will happen June 20
th, 2020. Only the location may change. I mentioned Mulvane Community Center as a possibility. That will not happen. It isn’t available.
       I’m sorry I cannot tell you the location of the meeting. As soon as I get it figured out the presidents and Staff will be the first to know.

The State Newsletter Status
       This situation is bothering me. I didn’t handle it very well. I should have given you suggestions on what to write about, not give you a choice to send or not to send an article. Here is where we are with it right now. No State Newsletter, BECAUSE the majority of the chapter presidents notified the Editor that they were not going to write an article because none of the chapters have been able to camp.
Apparently, you all (Presidents) responded to my request to notify the State Editor. You recall asked you to contact him if you were or were not going to send a news article for the state newsletter. He advised me that there would not be a July newsletter based on your response
       Maybe if you have adjusted your camping/meeting schedule for the rest of the 2020, you could publish that. Or tell us what you all did at your meetings. Eat out? Eat at a member’s home? Play games at your meeting, Did you have any new members? etc...
       For example, my chapter has a campout scheduled for May 14-16.The location was called to see if the city had their camp ground open and they said they did, but the restrooms would not be open. Because we don’t know if the Mexican café (we always go to a café on Saturday night) is open by then, we are planning a cook out at the campgrounds
       So if the governor doesn’t extend the shutdown, we will camp as planned.
       Please consider writing a newsletter. If you said you would not send a newsletter, and you change your mind, please contact the State Newsletter Editor, David Marlowe and tell him you will send an article. Not sure of the dead line for submission. If he gewts enough articles , he will put one together. I’m sure each of you has something you can share with us.

  1. The Rally is NOT canceled yet.
  2. The Committee meeting is NOT canceled yet.
  3. I hope the ASD’s will look for a new time frame and re-schedule their Area Rallies. I’m sure the chapters would work with whatever the time frame would be. I know our Wagon Master would adjust the camping schedule so all could attend an Area #4 Rally if given the opportunity.

       As all of you know the governor extended the shutdown to May 3rd. So this is the only guidelines we (I) have received as far as camping is concerned. The Corporate Head Quarters has not set out anything since their original directive; everything is on hold including the election of officers for some the states.
       After May 3rd I ask that you Presidents use good judgment, regarding camping and the social distance stuff. . I am not suggesting that we ignore the 6’ separation or the 10 people in attendance recommended by the CDC. I’ve been following the guidelines and will continue to do so.
       I don’t think we (State Directors) are going to get anything out of Headquarters for a while, if anything. So we will operate as individual State and Chapters.
       As is our chapter, it is pressing on with camping if the State of KS governor doesn’t extend her "stay Home" executive order and so will the state with your rally.
       Please be safe and stay healthy

Bill & Sheila Tucker

State Directors, Kansas Good Sam




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