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 Monthly Newsletter


April showers bring May flowers. Did anyone get a May basket with flowers or did it just blow away or get rained out? The area Rallys last weekend were attended by several Good Sam Members plus some new attendees. The weather, of course, was interesting. On Thursday it started blowing a lot but all were able to arrive in Winfield before it really picked up. On Friday we traveled from Winfield to Abilene early in the morning before the wind created any issues; then on Saturday morning we left early again and just made it to McPherson before the wind really let loose. I hope all made it home before the wind and rain started on Sunday. It was good to see everyone even though it was a short time at each Rally.

By now each chapter should have received the nomination forms for State Director for 2020-2021. This is a process we go through every two years. It is important that we continue Kansas Good Sam with this process. I know there are members that could lead this club into the future. There are those who might say I am too busy, or I just don't want to do it. All previous State Directors have been in this situation before and stepped up for the benefit of our State Club. I am looking forward to working with the newly elected State Director.

The camping season is under way. I hope each of you are ready to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with your chapter. I know after our trip last month there are a few things that need some attention on the rig and I'm sure some of you will also find a few things after a winters nap. As we often try to have everything ready to roll there is always something that gets our attention. Sometimes we even forget one or two items on that first time but it always works out.

NEWSPAPER----Time is growing short to send in articles for the paper. Please try to send David Marlowe your submissions as soon as you can. Also we still need to sell ads for the paper. Each of your communities have opportunities available for supporting the Good Sams. If each ASD, Chapter Presidents, and any Staff member sent in an article that would be great.

Looking ahead:

Please place these dates on your calendar. It is important that each Chapter is represented to provide input and vote on all business of the Kansas Good Sams.

Make Your Journey Count

Dean & Karen Stewart


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