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 Monthly Newsletter


. I have signed off each of my communications with this since I first became your Director. What do think it means?? I have the belief that we can use our gifts, talents and energy to stretch ourselves to do more so we can look back at the people you have helped; lead some to the correct road to follow, or even discover something new. All these we should share with others.

This is a hard letter for me to write. As many of you know we have not been successful in nominating a new State Director. This is particularly sad, because I feel that I have not done a very good job in bringing up persons that would accept this position. At this time, we have no Director going on as a State Organization. Everybody sits back and assumes that someone else will do it so I wont do it because I may have too many things to do. At this time, the only recourse we have is to shut down and abandon the Kansas Good Sam. Kansas Good Sam started with a few great people with the first four Chapters formed in 1972. We have a chance to have a 50-year anniversary in 2022, but that seems to be in jeopardy.

I hope you all enjoyed the rockets red glare, bursts of showers, and many booms in the air this 4th of July. I was able to watch my grand- children fire off many of those loud booms. My hope is that they understand the history and what independence means to us all.

Many are still feeling the effects of the rains that have created the area campgrounds unusable. This may continue for awhile as they repair campsites damaged by these events. Hopefully there are some places that were not affected to provide us with the opportunity to gather and have some great fun with our friends.

The Kansas Good Sam News is in the mail and you should receive it soon. Another great paper, thanks to David. We need to be selling more adds for the paper. Now is the time to start - next publication is January. Notice in back of the paper is the Registration Form for the 2019 JUNGLE BASH RV Rally. Its not too early to send to Pat.

Make Your Journey Count

Dean & Karen Stewart


We are pleased and thankful we now have a NEW STATE DIRECTOR.

Bill and Sheila Tucker from Mulvane have stepped up to provide our club with leadership beginning January 1, 2020. I want to thank them for doing this. They will work with Karen and I at the Rally to get a grasp of the process.. Please thank them and help them as with all past Directors we all needed the great support from each and everyone of you. I will be providing you with more information later on Bill and Sheila.

Make Your Journey Count

Dean & Karen Stewart


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